Innovators in NDT Technology
  • NozzleScan

    Radial Nozzle Scanner with probe skew

    A versatile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds in both set-through and set-on configurations.

    Available for two-axis and three-axis instruments and adaptable to cover a wide range of 90 degree nozzle sizes, from 3” upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials.

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  • Duo

    Robust TOFD scanner

    The Duo scanner is a robust, ergonomic scanning frame with operator-friendly features offering fast setup and reliable, repeatable TOFD inspections of pipe welds, from 2”OD up to flat plate.

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  • SAW Bug

    SAW Bug is a motorised, magnetic-wheeled buggy with a four-wheel drive system that can carry up to six ultrasonic TOFD and/or phased array transducers. Designed for the single axis inspection of circumferential welds on carbon steel pipelines from 4”OD up to flat, SAW Bug has excellent grip and drive power and delivers constant speed whether ascending or descending the inspection surface.

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Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited

Specialists in design and manufacture of ultrasonic non-destructive testing solutions serving sectors such as energy, aerospace, process industries and rail.

Phoenix offer a dynamic range of standard NDT products, from manual and automated scanners, transducers and instrumentation to sophisticated nuclear inspection and turbine and generator systems all using the latest techniques, including TOFD and phased array.

Why Phoenix
Our technical support services team provide expertise in NDE inspection design and qualification, while our research and development activities have gained worldwide acclaim for our participation in advanced NDT projects which help us maintain our position at the forefront of NDE technology.

Latest News

Exhibitions & Events

New Toolpost

New toolpost for use in Phoenix range of scanners, offers versatility and improved user friendly design.

New thumb screws mean no tools are required to change probes and wedges.
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View our extensive range of high performance ultrasonic standard transducers.

Phoenix also offers a selection of special transducers which can be manufactured to your individual requirements.

View our full range of standard scanners which are compatible for use with phased array, TOFD and corrosion mapping. Flexible design allows Phoenix scanners to be custom-built to suit individual needs. Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements.
Phoenix also offers a range of accessories products which are compatible with our transducer and scanner ranges.
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